Everyone came back with ExposureManager. I checked it out myself
and spoke w/a few EM clients and found an overwhelmingly positive
experience. I signed up in January and have never looked back.

Chris J., Photographer

Uploading options
Easily upload your photos: Display Only and Print Ready workflows:
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At EM, uploading your photos is a breeze. Use one of our two web uploaders (Flash or ActiveX/Java) to upload from any browser, and have your images resized on upload if so desired. For larger events, you can use FTP to quickly upload thousands of images. You can upload unlimited photos, create unlimited galleries and there is no storage limit!
One of our most popular features is the ability to upload low-res images first, then upload the high-res after an order is placed. This allows you to do color correction and other post processing options after an order is placed, saving valueable time. A unique option is to upload different files for different products. This means you can upsell photos with the logo of an event, or add a special event border.
Fulfillment options
Pro-lab printing and digital products: Self fulfillment:
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If you are looking for a complete fulfillment solution, you've found it. Simply upload your files for printing, and our excellent pro lab (BWC in Dallas, Texas) will take care of the rest. Premium account members can also use our 'Ship to Studio' option. As for products, we got you covered with prints, framing, canvases, and more! We also offer a range of digital downloads and CD/DVD products.
If you prefer to do your own printing, or use a different lab, you are of course able to do so. You can set up as many self-fulfillment products as you need. It's even possible to combine Pro-lab products with Self-fulfillment products in one order, giving you the best of both worlds.
Customer service
Order management: At your service:
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We've all been there: as we press the 'submit order' button we realize we want to make a change. With our easy order management tools, you can change any order yourself to fully satisfy your customer. Add a product, change the quantity, upgrade the shipping, it's all just a click away. We also give you 24/7 reporting to know how your sales are doing.
At EM we love to help our photographers increase their sales. We're here to assist with anything from account setup, to price review to tips on sales techniques. If you are successful, we'll be successful! You can reach us every day by e-mail, and Live chat is available every business day. We look forward to helping you!
And lots more!
- E-mail marketing   - Watermarking (text or image)
- Vouchers / Gift certificates   - Password protected galleries
- Order inserts
(promote yourself or offer re-purchase discounts)
  - Private galleries / Stand alone galleries
- Volume, coupon and shipping discounts   - Right Click Protection
- CD/DVD fulfillment and Digital Downloads  
- E-mail Address Collection  
- Packages (Multi-Image, Multi-Product and Group-Image)   - Multiple upload options (no software required!)
- Custom sales tax settings   - Workflow options suited to your needs
- Unlimited storage   - Order management (change and add to orders)
  - Self-fulfillment options
  - Ship to studio fulfillment option
- Custom your header and footer   - Resize on upload
- Use your own domain name (domain mapping)   - Templates for Magazine Covers, Trading Cards and
  Greetings cards