I've been able to customize my galleries to match my site and my style and the marketing features couldn't help more. Love it!

W.A.B., Photographer
Online Proofing
Fully Customizable Galleries: Branding:
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At EM, we're all about you. You can "wrap" your galleries in your own look and feel and remove any reference to us if you'd like. We feature customization tools such as:
  • Custom Headers and Footers
  • Adjustable Borders
  • Your Choice of Colors
  • Watermarking
  • Thumbnail Size and Count Adjustable (infinity scrolling available)
EM is the only service to offer the option of a completely branded experience from the galleries to the shopping cart. Even your ready-to-ship orders can feature your studio information printed on the packing slip. For a little extra salesmanship, you can upload an insert that is included with each order that you can design yourself whether it be a simple ad promoting you and your studio or your current specials.

We are, and always will be, your silent business partner.
Business Tools
Built-In Email Marketing: Packages:
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Email marketing is virtually effortless. This feature enables you to send out customized emails using a template. Email "blasts" can be sent to all or some of the emails that have been collected from your site. You control when these blasts are sent, and the blasts can include unique coupon codes to encourage timely sales. Better yet, it's easy to set up a 'placeholder' gallery to collect email addresses while you upload. Pull together a series of shots from an event or portrait sitting and offer them to your customers in special packages that are easily purchased online. Why not include a photo mug or keychain offer? Multiple print options for customers to give to family and friends. Your ExposureManager site gives you the resources you need to create the photo packages your customers want, and upsell them to build the business volume you want.
Digital Files Sold Here: Photo Vouchers:
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We provide a variety of options should you choose to sell your digital files. Buyers can purchase a CD of individually selected images or easily select an entire gallery at once. CDs can be shipped with your option of packaging whether it be the CD Sleeve or DVD Box. Files can also be offered for sale and immediate download. Vouchers are basically gift certificates. You can either sell them (who doesn't love cash up front?) or give them away as promotional tools. There are two basic types of vouchers: a cash voucher providing a specific amount of "retail buying power" on your site; or a product voucher which can specify one or more specific products the buyer can purchase.
Photo Questionnaires and Event Borders: Other Great Features:
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This great option makes it easy for you to ask customers a few simple questions that you can use to create exactly the image that they want to buy. You can use their answers to create customer photo collages and event borders that are printed with the images they want. This is perfect for sporting or special family events, as well as a great feature for a broad range of situations, like corporate events.
  • Password protection over entire events
  • Comprehensive sales and site traffic reporting
  • Sell outsourced or self-created items through self-fulfillment
  • A wide variety of discounts and coupons to stimulate sales
  • Uploading folders from your computer that turn into gallery structures
  • Multiple FTP users for large studios
  • Subdomains included with option to map your domain
  • Right click and watermark protection